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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Fireball: An Open Letter to Camille Paglia

Professor Camille Paglia, Author/Social Critic
Good day, good Earth goddess and hoping this letter finds you well. Desire to address the preceding issue with you has been chained in a cellar just another victim of poetic procrastination.  An occupational hazard for Eternals I suppose but that is another matter.  Or, is it?  It may explain procrastination and existential connections to passions here and saving the goddess returning humanity to cosmic destiny.

Our issue here is to be species extinction highlighted in Cesarean births and we should get to it shortly but fate takes a hand where she will and dictates cleansing of souls. Why did procrastination win for going on two years regarding this matter even given an unusual presidential election gluing us to the event of events?  Cesarean Temple… it takes a Time Traveler back to where he is not ready to go again.  I cannot apologize for the metaphysical nature of this letter as humanity needs to get used to the water.   Timeless passion proclaims a scene of an ancient horrific crime as now nexus to future humanity where fools fear to tread.  Enlightened minds suppose spirits would not allow me to go forward without first going back in time to take the hand of Hypatia of Alexandria.

Cleaning cosmic emotional closets seems to work best for this one on a grand public scale.  Let the tracks of my tears lead to Utopia.  It appears my personal spiritual growth may be connected to that glorious time when humanity turns the corner as a whole to awareness and spirituality. Blessed future destiny waits to be colored somehow by secrets in time buried now in what was Cesarean Temple. 
Telling people my book has little reference material and scant research on extinction species humanity probably does not sit well on folks brainwashed by authority figures to be dependent on authority figures.  Why would it matter since I am a Poet and not a learned accomplished Anthropologist?  Research would only reveal the matter to be worse and since my senses are heightened, really needed no further bad news.  Since then, I am proven right again and again on several sad occasions. 

Are you aware that young people in Japan are increasingly losing interest in sex?  Germany and Japan are experimenting with artificial wombs.  I suspect both nations are past the point of no return known to reproductive experts as the 2.11 children per marriage threshold.   Am I the only true reproductive expert on this planet as you are one of the last intellectuals?  Could I help such governments if they had a clue?

Intentions here wished to inspire one or more of your students to research that will eventually catch up to heightened senses of a Firestorm. Should you be surprised by low fertility rates for children born by cesarean?  Of course, I could have told them.  Also, what does desperation expect from a child born by artificial insemination; higher fertility than mommy?  I suspected the research has been there all along neglected by negligent politicians and professional medical monsters.  Intentions come to save a decaying world bent on celebrating monsters and their prey.
Divine revelation explains homosexuality to their detriment and evolutionary salvation of humanity.  It is a bitter message and the news does not get better for the LGBTQ community.  CosmicTransference, my coined phrase for an important phenomena igniting between the sexes sends a message by default on raising children.  Fireballs in one hand and cosmic love in the other and there really is no escape as recent political events illustrate.  I do not come to apologize for finding my cosmic mission in life and daring to walk a spiritual path. 

Research shall confirm my discoveries and revelations not just about LGBTQ but Liberals in general.  To illustrate an element of the problem and some cosmic answers already on the job, I would strike a picture in your mind.  Recall the once happy family of Sonny, Cher, children Chastity Bono and Elijah Blue Allman.  Now, put a picture in your mind of President Donald Trump, Melania, children and their children.  One liberal small family can no longer reproduce naturally while the other conservative large family appears quite fertile.  Labors on this mission do not get any easier.

Made a promise to try and show humans more love on this journey breaking new ground with every step as this world slowly turns away from darkness.  I do not suppose you could get those #WomensMarch women out of my way so I can get on with the tougher part of labors featuring a gauntlet of tears and blood.  I know you have tried your best over the years probably until your lips turned blue!  Well, only other women stand in the way now preventing the coming matriarch society and eventual salvation of this world.  I am encouraged by some really adorable little creatures to show the obstacles love instead of hurling fireballs from hell.
On another note; were you aware that our new President was inaugurated on a rare day so astrologically, astronomically, and spiritually significant that the ancients would have mistaken him for King of Kings?!  Time to answer another call.

May the Goddess guide you back to you and your sacred spiritual journey.  Wishing your journey will truly be less eventful than that of a once reluctant Poet. 

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  1. When pretense becomes philosophy, life and love lose all meaning.