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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Designer Babies: Reproductive Desperation Meets Dr. Frankenstein 3000

Not all Scientists suffer from a disease that removes ethics and spiritual worth. Looking much like a God delusion, some people call such a disease Scientism.  Dr. Frankenstein has been with us for some time and his intrusion into the reproductive niche produced the first Test Tube Baby in 1978.  

Desperation often accompanying desire to conceive a child can obscure common sense. It seems especially true under an amoral government that delights in keeping citizens dumb and dumber through public education and mass media.  Culture races towards spiritual impotence with all the competitive spirit of a professional hockey game.

There have been scientists who at least put forth the idea that cloning humans and making babies without benefit of love should have been discussed before counting profit. Unfortunately, governments without morals make such discussions worthless and as a result humanity just has to deal with whatever human science experiment Dr. Frankentstein throws into culture.

I would implore a new America turning away from perversions and darkness to rise up against Frankenstein reclaiming spirituality.  Reclaim your humanity.  The time of ignorance and abject pretense comes slowly to an end. Speak out against Frankenstein and his push for a gender-neutral loveless society.  Rise up against the monsters.

Designer Babies: debate should start scientists say

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  1. Who is really foolish enough to believe that science could possibly continue propagating the species if all men and women on the planet suddenly became unisex transgender? Such thinking is worse than a God-delusion.