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Friday, October 9, 2015

Embracing Homosexuality and Caitlyn Jenner

Extinction by infertility strangling great nations is similar but each government has their own complicated style reflecting governance as did all the other cultures that now have a personal relationship with Conqueror Worm. Ares fans flames of a cosmic Firestorm and it should be little surprise that extinction American style looks like a bizarre Greek tragedy.

Why President Barack Obama took it upon himself to be champion of the LGBT community has never been answered in my small circle of Facebook Friends, Groups, and the like. (There is a compelling video going around answering my question.) Politicians have ulterior motives for which tie they choose to wear and we should expect Mr. Obama has definitive reasons doing what he does lest we believe him to be an impulsive fool of little forethought.

Any true thinker will tell you teaching little kids in public schools to embrace homosexuality and be non-judgmental about realities of life just because harsh or bad words  cause someone or group emotional discomfort is a recipe for cultural disaster on a national scale and we see that horror story played out daily. Government like the culture it creates is out of control and no man exemplifies the sentiment better than Obama. Homosexuality is understood no better here in America than it is in any other nation including Iran, Germany, and Russia. Our President Epimethius has championed a Pandora's Box to extinction.
Transgender hired by Barack Obama in the White House

Homosexuality may be outlawed in Iran on religious grounds but you will not find such reasoning in Russia. So then, why have the Russians outlawed a lifestyle America and especially our current American President embraces? Why indeed? President Ronald Reagan called them the "Evil Empire" yet they were saved from bankruptcy by America and other money-hungry nations and now they are not so evil anymore or so people like Obama thought. Russian government is just another greedy money-hungry aggressive controlling nation intoxicated on power. Russians our practical people and they can easily see in homosexuality an obvious threat to their very existence when one factors in the fertility crisis. Homosexuals do not make babies.

Barrack Obama throws his opinion around again and again like it carries more weight anchored to title of U.S. President. Such is a ridiculous assumption and one would think when the television networks refused to cover or air his brilliant immigration reform announcement that he would kind of get a clue. If Obama were anything close to a genius we would have seen results of such genius long ago. At this point the word incorrigible comes to mind. Still, for some young Americans the opinion of our President does carry weight and that is exactly why it should be thrown around with some forethought. Opinions and their creators earn credibility by the validity, clarity, and intellectual weight of past opinions. Obama simply has no credibility to stand on and indeed his credibility rightfully resides in negativity. (See The Feminist Prince)

Let us look at what Mr. Obama says by default offering comments no one asked him to make offering transgendered Caitlyn Jenner compliments and ingratiation:

1. Homosexuality can be cured by science if you can afford the operation like Bruce Jenner. This repugnant factor found mostly in America gets a stamp of approval from our President and says take the short cut to redemption regardless of the cause of unhappiness. So, spend years drinking sodas and eating hot dogs to get morbidly obese and then have all the fat sucked away in one day by science and you will be as spiritually potent as the person who actually worked and sweated for years to remove the fat. Bruce Jenner is a gay man in a science-enhanced body. Courage would be to remain a homosexual man who thinks he is a woman.
2. America should accept the creepy monstrosity that is Caitlyn Jenner as a woman marginalizing actual women by doing so. The patriarch matrix has sought to marginalize women by any means necessary since well before the fall of Rome and the results are called extinction. Why do they hate women? Fear, envy, incompetence and evil comprise a global engine powering this world to the extinction abyss. Men behind the scenes are cowards and fools waiting for fate to put them out of their misery.  Spiritual Warrior answers the call.
3. America should accept what Jenner has done as courageous! What should we accept the job soldiers do on the battlefield; pretty? Does "courageous" describe both their actions? Does the President really have a college degree? I don't. How does one call such a president Commander in Chief with a straight face? How does any soldier respect our president ever?
4. American parents should be selfish and think of themselves over their children. The children of Bruce Jenner are going to be creeped out for the rest of their lives if not complete basket cases because of the shameless science experiment in a dress that was their father. 
5. A constitutional lawyer known for laziness in college has mastered the entire existential being of homosexuals, hermaphrodites, bi-sexuals and the like understanding why they are here and their place in society and all other nations should take his lead. Obama has a reputation as a bureaucratic rhetoric orator having never held a significant job in his entire life save for public service and nothing in his resume would ever lead one to believe he could solve a national healthcare crisis let alone understand the extinction riddle. Unconscionably ignorant comes to mind here and that makes him dangerous.
Let the quintessential bureaucrat stand as an example of all the good-intention horrors of the politically-correct ideology and bad government in general. Barack Obama is a walking talking intellectually bankrupt example of the patriarch matrix as ignorance approaching evil. Extinction tastes the same coming from good intentions or evil. Calculating cosmos sees no difference.

America is held hostage by results of the two-party system offering citizens a choice of bad or worse. We clearly got worse and now head to potential civil war should the LGBT Community and Feminists fight for what they have gained by mob rule and that is extinction species humanity on over-drive.

Homosexuality is not the cause of extinction. It is a symptom of extinction. However, when a nation embraces a symptom of disease, that symptom then becomes one of the causes of disease. Russia at least does not have that problem. My book puts this matter more into context but that is the bottom line of my divine message and not the essence. Ending extinction on this world sees a future where no further homosexuals or hermaphrodites are born. 

I know my message and cure bring bitterness  for some, but humans shall survive and move up the evolutionary ladder despite actions of ignoramus world leaders, zombies and sheep they have created. There is nothing such spiritually impotent people could ever do against timeless Spiritual Warrior and the rise of Matriarchs is now a foregone conclusion. One has to ask why anyone would fight for the extinction of humanity. Then again, has anybody asked how an unconscionable ignoramus becomes a world leader? 


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