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Monday, November 7, 2016

Cell Phone Zombies

Cellphone Zombies by Jack Larson
Much of humanity runs away from the pain of thinking into any nonproductive activity affordable.  Drugs, food, television, routes of escapism are many in this world controlled by monsters and fools.  Cell Phones or Smartphones add to the problem to such an extent that an interested observer might think it part of the government brainwashing plan.  Smartphones and other high-tech gadgets are little more than virtual escapism and the farther we escape from ourselves, the deeper we go into pretense and perhaps delusion. 

Making monikers seems to describe talents of a Poet but these people addicted to their phones are already called Cell Phone Zombies or CPZs.  As a malevolent patriarch matrix government crumbles slowly, we must try to save as many victims and lost souls as humanly possible.
Listed here are just a few problems of excessive cell phone use leading to disassociation from reality, ignorant culture, and spiritual impotence adding weight to extinction species humanity.
  • ·         Cell phone addiction is now considered an addiction leading to mental issues like OCD.  Nomophobia is the fear of being without a cell phone.
  • ·         Cell phones account for the cause of 1 in 4 auto accidents.
  • ·         Constant cell phone use can be bad for relationships and is considered rude behavior when in the company of other people.
  • ·         63% of people using different gadgets before bedtime report getting poor sleep during the week.
  • ·         Constant cell phone use increases chances of brain cancer by at least 5%.
  • ·         Experts believe as much as 50% of American teenagers are addicted to their smartphones.
  • ·         Experts believe as much as 40% of the population is addicted to their smartphones.

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