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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Transgender Wars

Of all the very mad policies embraced by the left none are madder than the belief that sex is an artificial construct and that people, at their whim, may adopt the sex that they prefer, biology be hanged.” 
Potty Wars 2017, by Donald R. McClary 

It seems hard to believe but some doctor/scientist was experimenting in this field prior to 1930 as that is when the first Trans Woman, Lili Elbe was transformed.  Ex-GI, George Jorgensen was the first transgender circa 1951 to make headlines leaving New York City for Denmark a man and returning looking like a blonde glamorous Christine.  They called it “sex reassignment surgery” and the operation performed by Dr. Christian Hamburger was an ostensible success. 

It is not hard to believe that the idea of attempting to turn a man into a woman was dreamed up by a man. Why would a scientist want to turn a man into a woman?  Should there have been a federal authority to help such a person contemplate the matter? While Transgender is an insignficant minority at estimates of about 1.5 million in America, one would think they represent some type of majority. As part of the Liberal Democrat agenda, they want to force us to accept what Science has unleashed upon a weary world.  What if Science decides to make a 5th gender?  Should the 5th gender have special rights?

America slowly enters a new world and this major transition moving out of darkness shall be a bit more than upsetting it seems to Liberals.  The last Liberal Hero, Ex-President Barack Obama tried to force Transgender and the LGBT lifestyle down the cultural throat of America and indeed the world.  Around the world Obama’s gender-neutral gay agenda uniformly backfired and made matters worse for the LGBT community.

Nature gives humanity males, females, and hermaphrodites.  Science, (Dr. Frankenstein as out of control as government lo these many years) has stepped in and given humanity a fourth gender.  Science and their subjects would like us to believe or pretend males through the magic of surgery and hormone therapy can be transformed into a female and visa versa.  Transgender represents the zenith of pretense as philosophy.

Transgender, one hopes, is the last insult to real women around the world as disguised attempt to marginalize her cosmic value.  Science would have us believe making babies is so easy that they can create life like so many cans of coke. Test tube babies, in-vitro fertilization, bio-mechanical wombs, and any other way Science can think of to make babies without benefit of love likewise represent a continued attempt of cowards and fools to devalue the cosmic value of love and women.  What is worse is that some of these cowards and fools are women. 

Adults who embrace pretense to the point of radical surgery to be something they are not have themselves and the sweet pitch of Science to blame.  What about children who become transgender through decisions by their parents?  Parents throughout recorded history have done far worse to their children.  To grow up in a world of pretense is normal for the average child today from participation trophies to Santa Claus.  Believing themselves to be something they are not with a little help from friends, family, and science is easy.  

At least the misguided parents of young transgenders were trying to help. Parents making babies without love bequeath suffering to their children in some of the same ways.  What happens when such children try to integrate into culture that is not always as pretentious as mainstream media and politicians would have us believe?  The entire transgender experiment was cultural chaos waiting to explode made possible by incompetent malevolent government.

I have shared my personal experience of having taken my elementary school age daughters into a women’s restroom when shortly after three transgender young adults, over six feet [tall] with deep voices, entered. My children were visibly frightened, concerned about their safety and left asking lots of questions for which I, like many parents, was ill-prepared to answer. 
Maya Dillard Smith, ex-ACLU Georgia Chapter Dir. resigned of ACLU’s stance on Transgender

Little girls do not want to see transgender in their restrooms.  Men do not wish to see transgender in their restrooms.  Science should pay for the building of a 3rd restroom everywhere in the world.  Businesses should file lawsuits against Dr. Frankenstein Inc. for all related expenses.  

What about Transgender or Trans Women who are pretty boys and can pass for a woman after scientific augmentations? Each new man she, he, or it meets presents a person under false pretenses. At some point the Transgender has to come clean.  I have said in the future we shall here the question; How were you conceived?  Transgender creates a cultural nightmare. Should Transgenders be allowed to have children? I would present evidence to call it child abuse.

Someone born without legs should reap the benefits of modern science.  When it comes to gender, science over-steps their reach and needs a conscience in the form of federal authority protecting humanity from experimental results of depraved daydreaming fantasies of Dr. Frankenstein.


Pope Francis compares trans people to nuclear weapons

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  1. There has been a Liberal Progressive push to a gender-neutral society and now we find out that it ends in pedophile culture. America turns slowly away from darkness and into the light.