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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Tracking Male Vocalists; Extinction Symptoms

Extinction symptoms appearing upon this planet are many if one knows what to look for and where to look. Understanding extinction here brings symptoms in focus. My sense of the matter paints a dire situation even worse than current events reveal.  Suspicions and/or senses have rarely been wrong since turbo-charged enlightenment I call Cosmic Transference'

Well, for some time now I have suspected that extinction shows up as symptom here in music we hear. I simply have not wished to look into the matter but curiosity often wins in this household. Perhaps spirits work their magic upon the Poet to write on this issue. As my main message on extinction and the major symptom is a highly delicate issue, it behooves the messenger to give a public hammered by politically-correct ideology less complex symptoms to digest first as perhaps an intellectual appetizer. Maybe then the main course will be a little easier to swallow. 

Arguments and facts here support evolutionary concepts inspired by divine femininity.  Wet your appetites on the fact that regarding male singers in the music industry today, there seems to be heard on the radio airwaves more men singing in falsetto voices as compared to... 50 years ago. Why?

What follows are solo or duo acts only. Two Rappers were removed from the current list for what I believe are obvious reasons. If such reasons are not obvious, I suspect a blog will come sooner or later on Rappers and Professional Athletes explaining the matter.

Billboard Top 20 Male/Duos: 1966 

1) Sgt Barry Sadler          Ballad of the Green Berets                Baritone

3) Righteous Brothers     Soul and Inspiration                  CounterTenor/Bass-Baritone

9) Johnny Rivers             Poor Side of Town                             Tenor

14) Jimmy Ruffin             What Becomes of Broken Hearted    Tenor

15) Frank Sinatra            Strangers in the Night                      Baritone

20) Percy Sledge            When a Man Loves a Woman           Tenor

Total= 6

Billboard Top 20 Male/Duos: 2016 - 4/4/16

2) Lukas Graham            7 Years                                         High Tenor/Falsetto

4) Zayn                           Pillowtalk                                            Tenor/Falsetto

5) Justin Bieber              Love Yourself                                      Light Lyric Tenor

7) Twenty-One Pilots      Stressed Out                                      Light Lyric Tenor

9) Mike Posner               I Took a Pill In Ibiza                            Tenor

13) Justin Bieber            Sorry                                                   Light Lyric Tenor

16) Charlie Puth             One Call Away                                   Tenor/Falsetto

Total= 7

There you have it, my friends. Your current top male vocalists at the time of this writing in America feature no baritones. Chew on that bit of knowledge and ask yourself a few questions. Awareness is much better when you figure things out for yourself. I am here to give folks needing it a little push. 


Sgt. Barry Sadler

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