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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Infertility Time-Bomb: Countdown to Species Extinction

Why does my book on extinction species humanity and solution contain so little research and reference material?  It is explained in the book and at least one blog post.  I do not wish to see more bad news.  So far, when I do run into research data it more than supports my stance based on common sense and higher senses enlightened by divine femininity.

"More than 260,000 children born from IVF treatment in the UK are at greater risk of health problems than naturally conceived youngsters, a conference heard yesterday."                                                   -Daily

It does not take a genius to get the above quote taken from a 2010 Daily Mail post and much more.  Politicians are fools and the wrong people are in charge on this planet.  So far, there appears to be a handful of people on the planet who have some understanding of what goes on here and the solution.

My point of no return guess (on heightened senses) for America is 2023.  Higher beings are watching and waiting.  Humanity did not wait until it was too late to save the Panda.  Higher beings will not wait until the last minute to save humanity.  

Still, there is time for humanity to face a bitter truth and for lack of a better phrase; grow-up.  

Infertility time bomb: IVF children  have higher risk of infertility, obesity and diabetes

A secret that is not so secret; the ruling class dies first from the riddle of humanity.

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