Life or Death of the Species

Exposing Global Extinction Species Humanity

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Artificial Wombs(Uterus):The End of Natural Motherhood?The Matrix Begins?

Dr. Frankenstein is alive and well living in all great nations facing a fertility crisis and extinction species humanity.  Is it any wonder how and why humanity speeds towards extinction given amoral government and science controlling our world?

If humanity wishes to witness America under an unenlightened female president, look no further than Germany. Neoliberal Germany also experiments with artificial wombs desperate to save a dying population.  At last glance the price tag was close to 400 billion dollars.

Our video arrives from Japan but it may as well  be all the great nations as all are no closer to answering the extinction riddle than Barack Obama is to intellectual integrity.  

Japan like other nations listed in my book required little research.  As I continue on this journey to save a world by saving Matriarchs, running into more evidence supporting a theme becomes common.  Japan culture almost happily marches to extinction with "Parasite Singles", increasing gender-neutral philosophy, and a dislike for sex by both men and women.
Still, they wonder why they can no longer reproduce naturally. Desperate governments hiding monsters hiding behind phony smiles make our world darker before a beautiful dawn.


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