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Friday, July 1, 2016

Sex, Lies, and Fertility Monsters, Part 3

How Were You Conceived?

According to a story in the LA Weekly, Brave New World of Embryo Adoption, over "5 million babies have now entered the world as a result of IVF" (In-Vitro fertilization). As a byproduct of all this making babies without love, "multiple embryos" are made creating a surplus. They have to pick the healthiest scientifically enhanced little darlings in hopes that life will spring forth and so lots are leftover. Reproductive technology and cryogenic facilities are now estimated to contain near millions and perhaps billions of frozen embryos just waiting for desperate hours to give them any chance at life. Desperation now results in embryo adoption facilities filling a need to get rich like holding onto and creating life by any means necessary.

When one is raised in a world where life has little value, how can such people be blamed for having so little value for life? How does a nation guided by a government with no moral compass find morality?  Truly, individuals of morality do exist in America accounting for a strong national pulse giving a tired world one last hope.  Expectation wishes to ask again and again, where did humanity go so wrong? That has been answered. Now, a cosmically arduous task of fixing a broken world begins. Retribution must return values of life to a mostly savage humanity.
Civilization is the progress toward a society of privacy. The savage's whole existence is public, ruled by the laws of his tribe.  Civilization is the process of setting man free from men.  
                                                                                    -Ayn Rand
Harvard University appears again on our radar of immorality as a significant link to spiritual impotence choking a gasping world this time in the Medical School. According to a story in MIT Review, Dr. George Church is mighty interested in engineering the perfect baby. Or, is it the Woolly Mammoth he wishes to resurrect? My question would be of course; why? Does he wish to create a Jurassic Park? Maybe he is just a geek in love with a movie.  To what end does a person create an extinct very dangerous beast or human life through genetic experiment? Does he wish to create a Universal Soldier? Maybe he has wishes more resembling a God delusion. Immorality and delusions of omnipotence appear to be a common ailment affecting scientists worldwide but perhaps predominant here in America where our politicians hop in bed with corporations who own scientists.  Someone coined a word for inspiration engaging the Harvard medical School and it embodies delusions of Godhood; Scientism
Dolph Lundgren and Jean Claude Van Damme, Universal Soldier

Along with Harvard recruit from Beijing, Luhan Yang, Dr. Frankenstein has created technology that may cure the incurable. Called CRISPR technology, they are proud to go splicing genes to make the world a better place... and get rich. "It’s so precise that it’s expected to turn into a promising new approach for gene therapy in people with devastating illnesses." So then, they went into their research with intent to cure disease and came out as the mother and father to brave new life, so they would have us believe. That some of their babies created without love will one day grow up to be emotionless monsters probably falls through cracks somewhere between perverted value for life and arrogant ego ruled by percentages. Why would anyone who is not Adolf Hitler or a Hollywood screen writer want to engineer the perfect baby?

Advanced Pagans and Mystics have known for many years that there is a natural cure to all disease. So then, even good intentions of Dr. Frankenstein and his Bride are inspired by immorality known in this case as greed. Perhaps greed does not power an engine where a conscience once stood. Perhaps it is avarice or delusion propelling doctors to cash-in on human suffering and desperation while endangering the human species.

Americans are bombarded with advertisements for stuff they do not need and medical care takes a prominent place among other sellers of soap.  California carries all the signs of an impending apocalypse starving for rain and common sense.  Here in Los Angeles we are put upon by commercials and ads posted here, there, and everywhere concerning miracles provided by science.  Such ads originate from a healthcare provider or medical facility called City of Hope. Chanting a motto touting the spiritual nature of scientific inquiry,  "The Miracle of Science with Soul", leads one to believe science and religion decided to  have a baby and a cancer treatment facility was born.  Patients come to their doors encouraged to seek miracles similar to parishioners going to faith healers or weeping statues or where ever they go for miracles.  If such a brazenly commercially arrogant advertisement does not represent scientism in all its want-to-be religious splendor then I should like to know what does?  It is a testament to spiritually impotent arrogance driving humanity to exit extinction.

Why do some women rush to science to cure an ailment caused by science?  Actually, science was born and evolved in the cause of extinction and a Poet calls such dynamic the malevolent patriarch matrix.  American commerce crams so much impotent information into her brain that a prospective mother loses all sense of identity apart from a culture that spawned her.  In spite of  malevolent matrix here in America, a still strong beating pulse of freedom transforms into a cure for all physical and philosophical ailments of this world.  Those would be the women they didn't get.  Chaos provides enough Freethinkers to keep humanity upright and these best of the best Matriarchs are called to guide our future.
Nancy Lanza, killed as she slept

How were you conceived? Has it come to that? We may expect such questions between future mates more and more as we move forward like prenuptial agreements. Why? It is a type of lie to keep such information secret from your perspective mate. Anyone who wishes to marry and have children will be interested to know of your propensity to be fertile and multiply. They might also wish to know if a potential mate has the propensity to give birth to a monster who will one day murder their mother as she sleeps. We know a small percentage of such children grow up to possess no emotions. We know such children contract rare diseases and forms of cancer. Children made without love to infertile parents will be inherently infertile. I do not need to be a self-proclaimed fertility expert, scientist, or statistical analyst to comprehend that particular dynamic.
Mia Farrow, Rosemary's Baby

Who wants to give birth to a child with some rare disease or cancer thereby enriching an amoral medical industry even more not to mention causing suffering? Raise your hand if common sense and decency are starting to catch up to desperation. No? Well, who wants to give birth to Rosemary's Baby? You will learn to sleep with one eye open as out of touch with your offspring as stark desperation and programmed morality that drove you to blood-stained Castle doors of the Unconscionable Dr. Frankenstein.

Making babies without love is not the cause of extinction here.  Conceiving your little darlings absent love ranks as symptom of culture absent true value for love or life.  Culture springs forth as a direct product of government.  A great Earth Goddess said long ago the problem here is in morality.  Immoral beings cause extinction here and a telltale clock counts down to their doom sooner rather than later. 

My prayers are that Pagans have not fallen victim to this particular patriarch matrix malaise. We call upon only the best in our future and we know them as Matriarchs. Our future shall one day see in government no more greed, desperation, immorality, and perverted delusions perverting a populace. Life is much too valuable to leave in the hands of cowards and fools.


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