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Monday, June 13, 2016

Gay Marriage; California Got It Right the First Time

California ex-Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger-2010 AP Pic

I support current domestic partnership rights and will continue to vigorously defend and enforce these rights.  California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger  (vetoing a same-sex marriage bill in 2007) 
News for the LGBT Community gets worse and one can only hope recent violence like that in Orlando, Florida is not a harbinger of things to come.  This post has been finished for some time now and was waiting for the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage to post automatically on June 15.  Recent events I suspect will change plans around America and especially California.

California voters said no to same-sex marriage twice in 2000 and 2008 initiatives.  President Barack Obama filed a lawsuit or brief against the State of California on behalf of gay marriage. Mr. Obama has some type of Degree in Constitutional law from Harvard University yet has never held an actual job as a lawyer.  California voters say no to gay marriage.  A man with no real world job experience says no to California based ostensibly on his college career.

The brief takes a somewhat narrow approach in its arguments by focusing on the marriage ban in California — in fact, it concludes the Ninth Circuit ruling against Prop 8, which affected only California, should be upheld — but has language that suggests the court should take a look at bans in other states.

Our U.S. Supreme Court finally ruled on the matter one year ago on this the anniversary date and the rest is history.  Let gay marriage ring throughout the land!  That particular Supreme Court giving gays the right to marriage has been called one of the worse since the U.S. Civil War and California got it right the first time.

Hard to believe I know as I am first to condemn the state as a cesspool of Liberalism and soon to resemble a Neo-Liberal Germany.  Yes, California had the right sentiment but the voters were not saying gays did not deserve the right to be married.  They were saying we are not ready for gay marriage. Not everyone can put words together explaining their feelings.  Why should a group of people or state majority be any different.  As it turns out now after turbo-charged enlightenment of a Poet, there is new information on the matter.  California would be in a much better place to deal with gay marriage and this evolutionary information if not for Obama and the courts.  Now, the Golden Bear State leads the pack to apocalypse and extinction.

Even without enlightenment and visions of an ignoble end to humanity one could easily see that the homosexual lifestyle is a bombshell for children.  John Taylor Gatto wrote of public education dumbing the populace down 25 years ago and it has now gotten worse.  The politically-correct ideology that pushes inclusion and restricting free speech retards the intellect and the world shall soon know it also retards the DNA-Code.

  Homosexuality is not 'normal.' On the contrary, it is a challenge to the norm...
           Vamps and Tramps, by Camille Paglia

Homosexuality appears to be the human behavior that has perplexed and eventually extinguished the life of all other cultures upon our planet for failure to recognize the source.  Otherwise, they would still be here.  America and perhaps the modern world can make few excuses as the brilliant Earthly Goddess, Camille Paglia gave warning riding freethinking cosmic waves 30 years or more before her time.  Homosexuality is a "challenge."  Where there is one in our world like Miss Paglia, there must have been at least a few others with the same reasoning.  Now, a Poet stands on her delicate shoulders taking challenge much farther to symptom of extinction.

Visions of Prophets have made Kings and destroyed nations throughout antiquity and a vision of extinction has led a Poet here.  Nevertheless, Thinkers could have told Mr. Obama, our Supreme Court, or anyone interested that allowing gays to be married opens a powder keg of issues that highlight some very meddlesome discrimination laws.  Any fool can think up a law.  What kind of fool is going to force a Baker to make a wedding cake?  Who is going to force a Wedding Chapel Owner to host a gay marriage if they do not wish to do so?  I could go on and on here. 
When you tell a child it is OK and normal to love and marry someone of the same sex, what are you saying to the child's DNA-code?  No visions are  needed for the glaringly obvious.  Now, you know why more homosexuals are being born in democratic nations and the American extinction clock counts down louder like a ticking time bomb or real mass destruction.
Not all Americans are ready for gay marriage and new information presented here gives them the last argument and ethics to support their feelings.  Science has been harmful in this realm and escorts humanity to the extinction exit faster with great darkness.  Lines of civil war are being drawn and on one side stands those joining the coming matriarchs and others fighting to save humanity.  On the other side stands the status-quo and pretense.

Prior to enlightenment I would have said gays deserve the right to be married and after enlightenment that sentiment does not change.  Perhaps being married will give them strength for extremely tough times to come.  However, gay marriage is a bit different in government where majority rules.  Even in a better government gay marriage would be difficult to allow given this new information.  Homosexuality is a symptom of extinction and to embrace it, one must embrace extinction species humanity.
America as a culture embraced homosexuality years ago slowly but surely thanks to Hollywood.  During the past few decades the lifestyle has gained prominence on the back of Feminism.  Thinkers have always seen ideology of Feminism as wishing to rewrite the dictates of evolution.  Feminists and other people who think their morality is superior under a flag of ‘progressive’ have tried to force a gender-neutral society on America and such a society cannot exist as it runs contrary to evolution and that should be glaringly obvious.  The politically-correct ideology is ground zero for a philosophical virus driving humanity to the great abyss even faster than the patriarch matrix left to its own devices.  Thinkers should now know that retarding evolution can be done by implementing a Marxist curriculum in education and culture revealing results that look like a death wish for the species.
Unwittingly done, but our glorious President and U.S. Supreme Court has sent America towards extinction via rocket power!  Homosexuality is not the cause of extinction.  Extinction chokes each nation just a little differently and not all nations embrace homosexuality.  By embracing a symptom of extinction, homosexuality in America is now part of the cause of extinction making matters much worse here and other democratic nations also embracing it.  Nevertheless, America owns the best chance of surviving the mess made by government and it arrives sans Feminism in the form of a matriarch society.
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