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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Building Walls for Socrates

America now knows that an open-door policy of immigration and entry into the United States is inadvisable in the current terrorist climate. There are also many other problems with immigration especially as seen through the eyes of our current President― the first truly politically-correct man to sit in the White House. Such a woeful administration is exactly why 2016 Presidential candidate Donald Trump remains the front-runner for the Republican nomination. Our nation seems to be sick and tired of bureaucrats with no real world job experience and Trump is no bureaucrat. That alone makes him seem like a champion. His desire to build a wall along the Mexican border and limit immigration of Muslims seems to have struck a resonant chord with a growing number of Americans.

Pope Francis does not like walls except for those surrounding the Vatican and spoke unkindly of Mr. Trump. Liberals do not like walls and would gladly invite your poor, tired, and
wretched refuse from any country as long as doing so provides a bureaucratic job where they can be seen as some sort of hero or gives them warm fuzzies. 

Democrats and some Republicans do not like walls and think such a thing would bankrupt the government or shut it down. I gather from perusing the subject that to build such a wall would cost about 200 billion dollars. Commissioned during the Clinton administration, the Pentagon finally called it quits on building the next generation fighter jet the F-35 in 2013. That bit of military bad judgment only cost American taxpayers $1.5 trillion. Return on investment comes to about zero.  So, it appears our government or taxpayers are wealthy beyond belief and building a border wall for 200 bill or so is a mere drop in a bucket of tears.

Realistically speaking, building a wall along the American border of Mexico may be a bit of a stretch but the sentiment is in the right place if one is to judge the fervor for Mr. Trump. Americans and perhaps Donald is saying something must be done differently than what has allowed foreign born terrorists to call our land home and then turn around a few years later to commit deadly massacres. Should we speak also of American born terrorists?

Hillary Clinton needs to hear a good analogy on the matter giving her forethought her
predecessor lacks completely.  Immigration must at some point be looked upon just like your home. How many kids can you adopt before running out of resources? How many relatives and freeloaders can you invite to live in your home before your mind and your home explode? What if some of those invitees carry strange viruses? When is enough, enough?

My concerns are a bit different as they deal with extinction species humanity and one must believe that building walls and/or restricting immigration to America at some point must be done as part of the solution to ending extinction. So then, the Donald appears to be ahead of the curve. Extinction by infertility strangling the great nations infects them like a virus differently reflecting government and resulting culture. Nevertheless, it is indeed a philosophical virus sending humanity to where dinosaurs lay and to control spread of the disease our nation at some point in the future must be quarantined to some degree.

Philosophy died a slow death here in America many years ago and perhaps as far back as the trial and execution of Philosopher Socrates for daring to philosophize. It reminds one of the firing of Bill Maher and axing of his show, Politically-Incorrect by television network ABC for being politically-incorrect. Maher was able to rise from the dead thanks to cable TV which is considerably more than you can say for Socrates. With the death of philosophy and replacing it with psychology and religion, America and indeed the world has little understanding of infertility and the extinction it brings even though some nations have spent hundreds of billions of dollars to save their people.

Repeating myself through many posts in this spider-web of interrelated pages seems to happen with regularity and that is a good thing. Some ideas must be repeated until they register, until the light bulb finally goes on, until wandering minds come out of a daydreaming fog of escapism and brainwashed apathy.  Lose pretense and know being human is not always easy.


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