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Friday, November 13, 2015

Sex, Lies, and Fertility Monsters; Part 2

Making Babies Without Love

So much of this... journey and battle to prevent extinction species humanity becomes littered with moral skeletons waiting for a mishandled bomb to drop anywhere near tumbling over secrets and spilling beans sending hungry bellies for escape and politicians disappearing without a trace.  Firestorm Omega must say what she feels and sometimes what she is thinking this feminine force of a planet we call Earth and I suspect her Earthly Goddess representatives as well.  She knows little pretense and Firestorms tolerate less.  Words here gain inspiration from the feminine divine and no politically-correct over emotional fool survives long in faithful future.  Poetry builds a world where we earn enlightenment and such future is ruled by women returning from antiquity and matriarchs.

Santa Barbara Killer, Elliot Rodger
suffered from Asperger Syndrome
My friends, it appears scientists in Sweden have discovered that a small percentage of babies made without love have a problem with emotions and that is to say such children are lacking in emotions.  It is of course a small percentage and government (The Beast) views and/or values life in percentages.

Weak morals, desperation, and of course money are just a few of the ingredients making extinction stew in America.  What is ironically sorrowful is that those people blazing a path to extinction in all nations are the ones trying in vain to solve the problem.  It is of course like getting a shoplifter without morals to stop shoplifting in all stores and giving him an unlimited budget in which to do it.  Weak morals judge life in percentages and cannot comprehend time as it regards to that which chokes humanity to death.  So what, they say if a small percentage of babies made without love grow to know rare diseases or become emotionless monsters?

Colorado Movie Theater Killer,
James Holmes 
At what point do these Harvard-educated bureaucrats ask how such monsters are made and seek to stop making them?  We see the same philosophy taken with rhetoric to implement gun control masking flirtations with symptoms while ignoring much deeper socio-economic and morality problems as a root cause.  People thumping gun control legislation cannot be thinkers and are most probably bureaucrats like Barack Obama.  Guns do not kill people.  Monsters kill people and commit massacres for reasons no bureaucrat wants to stare at in the mirror.  At what point do the citizenry take up pitchforks and torches storming the castle to stop government Frankenstein monster-makers?

President Obama puts his faith in science.  Or, at least that is what we are led to believe by an article appearing in The Los Angeles Times.  We can reasonably presume such is his answer to extinction by infertility strangling this nation and others.  My friends, what else should America expect from government with no real moral center?  (Wonder why American government has not announced the fertility crisis to the public like Russia or Germany?)  Our president, our immoral secretive government answers extinction by making babies without love and kneeling to the new God; Science.

Calling Dr. Frankenstein!

Create a problem and then cash in on solutions has been American government down low credo for too many years to count or care to at this point.  The medical field is unconscionable racketeering in this regard and the days of getting rich off created misery are coming to an end as well.  We need a solution to change the government fundamentally and it is here.

Men and women like Barack Obama are now an out of control virus upon this land with a misguided value for life.  Obama embraces Feminism and Feminists always wanted to make babies without the hated men.  Americans should not take blame for Obama as only a two-party system accounts for such a man becoming U.S. President.  Almost all governments caused their demise and one supposes they held self-righteous good intentions to the very end.

Making babies without love creates a world without love.  Making babies without love is not the cause of extinction here.  Like Feminism, it is like pouring kerosene on an open fire!  Spiritually, it is reprehensible and wounds the Earth Goddess silently one slap in the face after another she must endure from arrogant ignoramuses who will not stop and ask for directions.

If a mother is infertile but gives birth via science then what chances do  you think her offspring will have in being fertile?  At what point will even science fail and fail miserably at making babies without love?  What other problems can you foresee with such children?  Men without morals look at life by percentages and in essence have no morals or value for life.  Men without morals pass the buck onto the child and the next generations.

My friends, I know my words hurt and that there are actually millions of children in our world born in such a way.  Such is my burden and there are many skeletons in the spiritual closet of this nation that must be exposed as philosophical disease burns off spiritual delicate enduring skin and we go forward flipping a pimping paradigm.  An entire species hangs in the balance as this is not politics as usual.

Monsters and rare diseases our government forces upon this nation and it is time for cataclysmic change.  Time counts down faster and faster like a telltale heart dreading doom.  Doom of a decaying immoral world burning away to ashes making way for Beauty.
Part 2

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