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Saturday, October 10, 2015

World Leaders to Species Suicide

Preventing species extinction finds world leaders bereft of common sense it would appear and absolutely spiritually impotent.  Round and round we go on a dizzy planet as culture after culture bites the dust to a riddle they can get no closer to than government gets to integrity.  Earth runs on love perverted by pretense, greed, power, and violence.  How does a Spiritual Warrior deal with cosmic blues?

Faces of global extinction each with their own inimical style reveals to a sleeping world just a bit of what humanity is up against describing leaders and outlining a bit of their own national path to species suicide.

Shinzo Abe
Japan-  Prime Minister of Pretense-- Sorry seems to be the hardest word for the entire Japanese government when it comes to "Comfort Women" of Korea.  What ever happened to the Japanese Goddesses?  It is difficult to believe Japan has produced no great woman of achievement when one considers that their national flag is based on a Goddess.  "Parasite Singles" and Parasite Politicians could be the answer.

Iran-  Pedophile Prime Minister in a nation of pedophiles and terrorists...  Iran recently passed a law legalizing pedophile marriages.  One wonders if President Barack Obama attended any pedophile marriages while he was there negotiating agreements on nuclear technology transparency.  One wonders if Mr. Obama has ever spoke out against pedophile marriages or is he just concerned with gay marriages?

Haider Al Abadi
Iraq-  President of U.S. Infamy- Survey says Iraq is now more dangerous for women than under Saddam Hussein.  They all would like to thank George Bush for that phantom WMD War if they could just find the time between rapes, forced marriages, and death.  Death comes for some of the lucky women in Iraq these days.  It appears a terrorist group inspired by the current U.S. President enjoys kidnapping, torturing, and killing educated Iraqi women in areas under Islamic State control.  What a testament to American government ingenuity in absolutely nothing worth while.  Let Iraq stand, while it can, as a living example of dire consequences easily predictable from a programmed two-party system government run on greed, incompetence, and avarice.

David Cameron
Great Britain- Prime Minister of Immigration controls a silly nation that really still worships a Queen and now a Prince balding at the age of 33.  Allowed "The Kingsman" movie to be made.  In terms of the aristocracy, they are an American original partner in crime. America should be thankful Brits were never able to give us royal ass to kiss.  Expect British citizens to face extinction with a stiff upper lip and a spot of tea while celebrating a King of Zombies.  Actually, Britain is overrun with feminists and immigrants and they own the land now.

Angela Merkel
Germany- Prime Minister of Bizarro Neo-Liberalism-- A nice efficient Prime Minister finding out that making babies is not about efficiency. German baby-making vacations are like catching a black cat in the dark. She does not know if you catch it you must let it go. One would expect this nation to lead the world in making babies without love as a leader in technology. All it takes to make babies without love is money and no value of human life. Germany as a nation may be doomed but Americans will bravely take Oktoberfest into the coming 'matriarch society' where even beer will taste better.

Vladimir Putin
Russia-  King of Communism-- Putin didn't invent communism.  He just does it better than most.  Russian women must ask him if they have an opinion on anything.  Rumor has it that the Russian czar once imprisoned his sister for speaking out against the government.  (It was a house arrest.)  Thinks Pussy Riot is a gang fight in women's prison.

China-  Years of the Rat Government-- Thinks women are manufactured like cheese.  A history of stealing technology has left them with no real skills to approach and save a dying population.  Desperately trying to figure out how to steal their way out of extinction and now looking for a nation to buy all those mobile abortion vehicles.

Vatican-  P.O.P.E: Prince of Pedophiles Emeritus-- Just wants a bigger gang than the other guys.  Thinks women are for making baby gang members.  While she has her back turned, his priests pervert her children.  Sending special prayers to God to end extinction like catching a black cat in a dark cathedral.  If you catch it, try not to burn it tied to a stake.

Iceland-  Ice Queen President-- First open lesbian national leader rumored to have anti-freeze for blood and will save all strippers and porn stars from men and themselves whether or not they asked to be saved or not!  Looking forward to making monsters to compete with Anders Behring Breivik of Norway.  Loves Obama.

America-  The Feminist Prince-- A cursed man and the first truly politically correct U.S. President has guided by Marxism a great nation towards perhaps civil war and early extinction.  Confused?  Just ask Caitlyn Jenner.  Someone please ask the constitutional lawyer why he filed a lawsuit against the State of California on behalf of gay marriage even though California voters voted against gay marriage twice.  Apparently, gay folks were going to die if not for the Prez.  Where is the lawsuit as women die in childbirth around America thanks to his attempt at socialized healthcare and the infamous "Hobby Lobby" Supreme Court decision?  Where are lawsuits as abortion clinics around the country close in record numbers?  Barack Obama earns many titles; Feminist Prince, Arrogant Ignoramus, Omega Man President, and one of the Chief Fathers of Extinction as no American President has contributed more at the worst possible time.  America leads the world in making babies without love and now they have a leader worthy of their vaunted monster-making status.

If an extraterrestrial landed here wanting to save humanity from extinction regarding fertility, how could such a being approach cartoonish leaders?  Should one assume such leaders represent the best of humanity?  History reveals several infamous leaders throughout history voted into office and the problem does not end today.  Why else would retribution be called to save the Earthly Goddess?

Honestly, exaggeration would not exist if not for Poets as it seems to be an element of poetic license.  These men and women are not bad people in the true sense but good intentions that cause extinction kill just as well as species suicide by free will.  Misery remains misery no matter the root cause and warriors care more about the mission than sensibilities of fools.
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