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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sex, Lies, and Fertility Monsters, Part 1

Kim Kardashian, North, and Kanye West
Celebrity couple Kanye West and Kim Kardashian announced a second child expected and rumors swirled on whether or not the couple chose male-only embryos during In Vitro fertilization treatments desiring to procure a son.  Fertility experts say that such gender choices are fine.  What else would a fertility expert say?   If there are such people as "Fertility Experts" in America, then why is there a global fertility crisis?  Are such experts in high demand around the world?  Either there is a fertility crisis or there is not.  Either there are experts on the matter or not.  Something is rotten in the State of America!  Mendacity stalks the nation like a malicious fog from a John Carpenter remake.  One supposes looking to Hollywood celebrities for morality is a bit like looking to goverment for morality.
Hollywood and celebrities inhabiting or making a living in Gomorrah City are nothing more than what goes into an immense philosophical hypodermic needle.  Culture is almost dictated by the Boob Tube alone.  America reveals junkies strung out on violence, pretense, hogwash, and celebrated ignorance.  At least some people on this planet are philosophical junkies.  Those freedom fighting few with a measure of spiritually are all that stand above a virus-inflicted upon common folk not so much by celebrities but by media on the backs of government.

Some of us can only have sympathy for mothers like Kim Kardashian trying for a year or more to become pregnant without results.  Infertility tears come to know this world well.  It is almost natural for celebrities to turn to their new God, Science and those claiming some nuanced expertise.  Life by any means necessary seems to be what they are taught.  Perhaps adoption was out of the question for private reasons.  Alternative treatments for infertility never really considered in a selfie selfish generation after generation.  Only the nicknames change.  Still, Miss Kardashian is a victim here created by the supreme monster-maker that is the 'patriarch matrix' with help in America from those silly selfish feminists.

Governments brainwash citizens to some degree everywhere yet at some point each of us must take some responsibility for our individual actions especially in America.  Why is it that some of us raised in this country under similar public education brainwashing see the inhuman error of our fellow man?  Like nothing out of a Hollywood movie, the American-style patriarch matrix comes unglued by speed force of delusion, gravity of reality, and the coming matriarchs.  Will young folks be a part of an unstoppable future or a detriment?  Has government via education and Hollywood (representing all media) done their little brainwashing job too well?  An incompetent government can be dealt with but a population of zombies is another matter altogether.

Madison Avenue... those Ad-Men are so good at selling us so much stuff we never really knew we needed.  A bigger burger here... how about a tummy tuck there?  Son, you really don't need those tonsils.  Let me take them out for a small fee.  Madam, you must have a mastectomy or you will die!  Unable to conceive children?  No problem!  Science can grow children in the lab like a fake diamond.  It doesn't mean that your child will be fake... really.  Trust me.

Dr Aimee is called the "Egg Whisperer" and one should not imagine her whispering inspirational anecdotes to your frozen darlings.  Though, I suppose it wouldn't hurt.  She does throw "Egg Freezing Parties" and folks can ask pertinent questions about their future brood.  One gets an immediate impression that such an idea was born in California.

California leads America in lame laws where glitterati sip mocha cappuccinos on smog-filled verandas demanding that their dogs be allowed into any establishment in which they frequent all while building an ever larger viciously absurd police state.  Pretense may have been born in the land of fruits and nuts and one should not expect a strong value or understanding of life in a state that has built a fortune on glorifying violence mostly against the Earthly Goddess.  The Poet has called California a cesspool when he meant the city of Los Angeles.  Still, how do you separate one from the other?

I had a brief discussion on this matter recently with a few young women on a Facebook post and after condemning making babies without love the Poet was asked what concern of it was his?  My answer does not change and neither does my mission here to save the Earthly Goddess.  Life or death of the human species is my concern.
Sofia Vergara and Embyo Dad, Nick Loeb

Sofia Vergara also made the news regarding fertilized embryos recently.  Apparently, the terrifically funny actress does not want to have kids while her career is so hot.  So, she and her then boyfriend put their future babies on ice as it were. Miss Vergara already has a son by a different father.  Women like this are told they can keep their "options open."  No need to let babies get in the way of your awesome money-making potential and/or chasing the American dream just like any other red-blooded American man.  That is the equality you were promised by feminism and delivered by their God, Science.

I believe it is a type of bizarre irony that Miss Vergara makes her golden fame on a Hollywood TV sit-com we all know and love as, Modern Family.  It is one of many television shows celebrating a problem facilitated by government and that is the destruction of the nuclear family in America.

There was a time when I laughed and laughed watching Modern Family.  It is just sad now after enlightenment.  An episode featuring the announcement of gay marriage recently aired and I was meant to watch only the few minutes seen.  One of the gay men is holding their second adopted child and the other talks on the phone.  Every time one man says gay marriage was approved, the child pukes.  Even through sadness it was funny.  Nevertheless, it appears the writers speak to us and themselves from a sub-conscious level.  It is not always funny in a dark sub-conscious and neither is my divine message that takes humanity up the evolutionary ladder to a utopian world.

Only in America and other nations poisoned by America will one fine amorality and no value or concept of human life.  Frankenstein was born in Europe but his spiritually impotent children live on in America.   According to, Google and Facebook will pay employees to freeze their eggs.  Apparently, the Internet giants want to do their part in helping women.  Good intentions paved the way to the dark abyss in America and it will get darker before light of enlightenment saves this world.  Government remains the head monster-maker here and there would be no monsters of science or business anywhere if not for parasite one.

From a neuropsychiatric perspective, these disorders appear to have a biological underpinning for deficits in empathy, a finding that may have important repercussions when assessing remorse in criminal proceedings.

--Barbara G. Haskins, MD and J. Arturo Silva, MD


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